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How does Focus Advocates cost reduction process work?

The process starts with a complimentary savings analysis to identify and quantify cost savings opportunities. We will develop and implement a customized savings methodology, which includes continuous monitoring, analysis, and re-optimization of your account to maximize savings.

How are saving calculated?

After reviewing your current merchant statements, we will establish the baseline rates you are currently paying. Once the savings methodology Focus Advocates has designed for your company has been implemented, we will compare the new rates to the baseline rates to calculate your savings.

Is overcharging of credit card processing fees common?

Companies are typically overcharged 20-35% because of numerous factors including account setup errors, junk fees, transaction misclassification and improperly applied discounts.

Do I need to change processors or business processors in order to save?

No, we can work with any processor. Our ability to save through our proprietary processes is not dependent on which processor you have.